Is WebSite down? Check if a site is down for everyone or just you?

“Is Website down today” is a free online tool to check whether a website is down or not.

Further it helps you find out whether the website is down for everyone or just you.

To check the current status of the website, just enter the URL in the below search box and hit the check button, then our servers will test the website down status in real time and returns the results.

Enter the website URL in below box to check whether it is down or not

Is website down today?

Please enter url without “http” and “www” prefixes.

For example to check the status of please enter “”.

What does this( tool do?

You are browsing a website online or checking your own website and all of sudden you will see an error saying This site can’t be reached on your browser.

Before panicking, you should know whether the website is down for everyone or just you.

This online tool comes handy in such cases.

Things to do, when a website is down for you only?

If the website is down for you only then you can try out below things

  1. Do hard refresh of the website(Ctrl+F5).
  2. Try accessing it in incognito window.
  3. If you are able to access it in incognito window, then clear the cache and delete cookies and try.
  4. Try clearing the DNS cache
  5. Try accessing it via VPN, sometimes a website might be blocked by the ISP in your country. In this case VPNs are very helpful.

Things to do, when your website is down for everyone?

If it’s your own website and if it’s down for everyone it might be because of three reasons

  1. Recent coding changes to your site.
  2. Sudden spike in your website traffic.
  3. Issue with web hosting provider.

First check the recent changes done to your website and revert back them and test if it’s working.

See your google analytics for any sudden spikes in the traffic and then contact your web hosting company to upgrade your hosting plan.

Whatever might be the reasons first you should contact your website hosting company and inform them about your website status so that they can cross verify any issues from their side.

Check the social media sites like twitter,facebook etc. see if any other users also raising similar complaints.

Most Common Reasons Why a Website is down.

  1. Unreliable Web Hosting company
  2. CMS Complications
  3. DNS Connection issues
  4. DoS Attack
  5. Poor Coding
  6. Sudden rise in Traffic to the website